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2020 tours & COVID19...

This year's pandemic has seen the introduction to travel restrictions around the world. Here in Australia we have been luckier than most and although our holidays and tours have been cancelled we will endeavour to travel again as soon as allowed. At this stage it is not known when restictions will lift with either state borders or with social distancing in regards to transport and tour operators. We are monitoring the situation closely and have plans set in place to get back to touring as soon as possible. We are highly adaptable, flexible and sensible when it comes to your needs,enjoyment and safety.

2021 is approaching fast. Please click on this link to see our 2021 tours.

We still have places available on some 2020 tours this year, however some are full so don't wait too long before you book.

Wait no longer...your next holiday is just a step away...
We've been going bush for well over 35 years now and still experiencing it afresh every year!
Our program varies from year to year, so to see our full range of tours please click on the charter page. You can send us an enquiry via our booking form and tell us there where you'd like to go, whether that's just yourself or with a group of friends. With a maximum group size of 19 and a minimum of 6, we're small enough to be sociable and never too big to care.

Beyond Australia...
In recent years we have ventured overseas. These tours combine a region's culture and heritage with walking and nature. Currently we conduct accommodated tours to Sri Lanka, Hong Kong, and New Caledonia and are always happy to look at other destinations if you have a group interested.

20 years with Ian at the helm!
Isn't it amazing how time flies when you're having fun? It's now 20 years since Ian Ransom took over at Exploranges. The company has been going since 1981 so that's a lot of kilometres covered and many a milestone passed in that time. As we're always thinking several years ahead, it's never too early to get on board and let us know where you would like to go in future years.

Booking a tour
As they say in the classics, it's best to book early so click here to secure your space.

If you want to find out more about us, please click on the Exploranges Bushwalking Tours logo. Or just drop us a line... If there is anything else you need to know that isn't on this site please call us on +61 (0)8 8369 1779 or email us.

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