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Exploranges’ “Great Outback Stations” tour follows the footsteps of George Woodroffe Goyder, the Surveyor General of colonial South Australia in 1861. Goyder’s survey work defined the newly developing colony in the 19th Century, through development of pastoral enterprises and exploitation of newly discovered mineral resources.  In the last 150 years, these colonial enterprises played a dominant role in defining South Australia’s outback identity. Today, much of this remote area is still blanketed by vast private pastoral and mining leases. However where sheep, copper and where once the most sought after commodities, there is now a modern renaissance occurring as the focus turns towards the natural conservation of these arid environments and the rebalance and sustainment of their delicate ecologies. This tour visits two historic pastoral properties now owned and managed as Nature Reserves by the Nature Foundation of SA; Hiltaba - 78,000 ha near Lake Gairdner that forms part of the East Meets West Nature Link Corridor from the Eyre Peninsula to the SA/WA border and Witchelina - 421,000 ha near Lake Torrens that is vital part of the North-South Eco-Link, which starts at Port Augusta and extends through to the Northern Territory and into Arnhem Land. No other tour gives access to these remote Nature Reserves and private pastoral leases. Likewise, accommodation in outback station “Shearer’s Quarters” will provide the historic atmosphere that makes this a unique experience like no other.


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