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tour title - indo-china


Cambodia and Vietnam are South East Asian neighbours in a region colloquially known as French Indochina. These two former French colonies are diversely different in history, culture and cuisine but have an intrinsic common link through the mighty Mekong River. In Cambodia we will explore the ancient Angkor Kingdom where the architectural, archaeological and artistic significance are sure to capture your imagination. We will explore both the historic and contemporary reliance on the waters of Tonle Sap, a great lake that is annually replenished by the flooding Mekong. Then we will travel by boat on a four day journey from Phnom Penh to Saigon as we discover the colourful and bustling Vietnamese towns and markets of the vibrant Mekong Delta region. You will discover the essence of Indochina through a unique insight into life in both countries and its reliance on the Mekong

Come on a voyage of discovery and you are sure to leave with an appreciation of this beautiful area and its people.

Exploranges has 30 years experience specialising in its catered bushwalking tours and 11 years taking accommodated tours overseas to south east Asia. In addition to Hong Kong and the various parts of Australia which we explore, we have also added Sri Lanka, New Caledonia and Malaysia to our exciting and ever-expanding list of tour destinations.


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