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We thought it's about time to ask you what you think.

This is the first time in over 30 years of Exploranges that we have sought your feedback in this way and we are looking forward to receiving some useful information. As little or as much as you like.

Anonymous if you prefer...
You don't have to leave your name if you don't want to. However it might help if we know what state you're from and whether you're a member of a club or not. The rest of the detail is entirely up to you. And if you know that Exploranges is aimed at over fifties then you'll know that age is certainly no barrier to enjoying our tours!

It should only take a few minutes but thanks for your time with filling in this form.

Customer Survey
Name: State/Country: Male Female
Age group: Clubs/groups:
Tours you've done or would like to do with Exploranges:
Canning Stock Route: Lawn Hill Done Would like to
Central Australia Otways/South West Vic Done Would like to
Coongie Lakes/Cooper Pilbara/Gascoyne Done Would like to
Finke River Safari Done Would like to South West WA Done Would like to
Flinders Ranges Done Would like to Southern Tasmania Done Would like to
Gawler Ranges Done Would like to Northern Tasmania Done Would like to
Simpson/Lake Eyre Done Would like to Victorian Alps Done Would like to
Kakadu/Top End Done Would like to Hong Kong Done Would like to
Kangaroo Island Done Would like to Malaysia Done Would like to
Kimberley Done Would like to  
Future Exploranges Tours:
Exploranges is considering offering some new tours. Tell us if these destinations appeal to you or not.
Kimberley Rock Art Tour Yes No Great Victoria Desert Yes No
Warrumbungles/Outback NSW Yes No Flinders Island Yes No
Gulf of Carpentaria Yes No New Caledonia Yes No
Your suggested destinations or style of tour:
Tell us your ideas - are there places you are interested in exploring with us?
Would you prefer tours with more walks? Yes No
What level of walking would suit?
If we ran tours that were accommodated instead of camping, would you be interested? Yes No
What about a tour which had a mixture of both camping and shared accommodation? Yes No
How did you first hear about Exploranges?
Satisfaction Survey:
If you have had the pleasure (hopefully!) of going on one of our tours in the past, we'd like to know what you thought.
Yes No Meals/portions - are they enough? Yes No
Is the booking process simple? Yes No Menu variety - are you satisfied? Yes No
Are the tours good value? Yes No Diet issues - handled well? Yes No
Good pre-tour information? Yes No Happy with camp set-up, tents etc? Yes No
Is enough information on our site? Yes No OK with what's provided on tour? Yes No
First impressions on day one? Yes No Tour activities - enough variety? Yes No
Tour buses - are you comfy enough? Yes No Guides - are they helpful enough? Yes No
Feel well looked-after by drivers? Yes No Are they approachable, friendly? Yes No
Happy with tour's itinerary/pace? Yes No Happy with intensity of walks? Yes No
Enough comfort stops? (leg stretches) Yes Worth getting post-tour photo DVD? Yes No
Feel free to let us know more about your experience or expectations of Exploranges:

Please let me start this form again:

Thanks for your comments. We look forward to seeing you in the future!


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