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We've been going for over 35 years. Over that time we have gained much experience with people and places. From catering to different diets, to understanding the needs of walkers and caring for campers in general. We aim to look after you in the best way possible so you can get the most out of your tour.

Things we need to know about you...
With your care and safety in mind, we need the following form filled in by you and sent to us a few weeks prior to your tour. That way we can take account of your diet requirements and any allergies or medical issues you may have all in good time.

If there is anything on this form that you would prefer to talk to us about then please call us on 08 8369 1779 to discuss.

Personal Particulars Form
Name: Male Female
Date of Birth: Clubs/groups:
Emergency Information: Current Medications & Ailments:
Travel Insurance Company: Medical Condition :
Policy No: Medication you are currently taking:
Ambulance Cover? Any pre-existing conditions?
Person to contact in case of emergency: Allergies:
Contact Name:
Phone: Any foodstuffs you cannot or will not eat:
Pre Tour Accommodation: If you haven't booked this yet please make sure we know where you are staying before tour starts.

N.B. Exploranges will collect from hotels/motels within 20Km radius of departure city. We will advise what time in the week prior.
Feel free to let us know more about your situation and anything you think we need to know:

Please let me start this form again:

These will be treated in confidence.


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