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Off road in comfort
Your comfort on our tours is assured with travel in our comfortable tour buses - the beloved OKAs. These are 4 wheel drive tour buses and, in our experienced opinion, are the only way to travel outback - safe, comfortable, offering great visibility and good ground clearance.

They have air-conditioning, reclinable coach-style seating plus a decent amount of leg room. Two of our OKA's can take groups of up to 12 with 2 crew and the other OKA takes a maximum of 6 passengers and 2 crew or 7 passengers and one guide/driver- whichever suits your group's requirements.

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For groups wishing to take their friends on a charter we can therefore take up to 25 passengers and 3 crew, while our standard tours normally operate on a minimum of 6 and a maximum of 25 passengers.

Great ground clearance makes this easy on the OKA and you!

On board the OKAs we carry a combination of 4G mobile and satellite phones plus a UHF radio so that even when we are miles away in fantastic remote locations we are never more than a phone call away in an emergency.

Exploranges prides itself on cooking appetising meals in the great outdoors. For occasions when the clouds gather and try to rain on our camp kitchen there is always the trusty annexe which we attach to the side of the bus.

The 12 passenger OKA tows a trailer which houses the fridge-freezer, camping equipment, all supplies and your luggage. Everything in its place and a place for everything.

The 7 passenger OKA is customised with on-board fridge-freezer and storage space in the rear of the bus - a great combination of vehicles in which to discover the bush.

Charter Tours
Our team is at your disposal for charter tours anywhere in outback Australia.
Contact us for more information on how your next walking club tour, or reunion trip, or group excursion can be hosted by Exploranges. We can provide just the transport alone or you can charter your own tour to somewhere outback.

Without the stress of driving yourselves, Exploranges can take you on a trip where you can camp out under the stars with friends, go walking in wilderness areas, and be free to explore with your own private group.

This way you can devise your own itinerary in conjunction with our experienced guides, and look forward to relaxing on a fully catered charter tour.

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