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As we all now know 2020 has been a year not like any other. This year's pandemic has seen the introduction to travel restrictions around the world. Here in Australia we have been luckier than most and although our holidays and tours have been cancelled we will endeavour to travel again as soon as allowed. At this stage it is not known when restictions will lift with either state borders or with social distancing in regards to transport and tour operators. We are monitoring the situation closely and have plans set in place to get back to touring as soon as possible. We are highly adaptable, flexible and sensible when it comes to your needs,enjoyment and safety.

Therefore 2021 is almost a repeat of 2020 because many of our clients have carried over their bookings. I have kept pricing and itineraries the same as this year to avoid any confusion and we expect demand to be high.

If you're not on our contact list please email us so we can add you - this way you get a heads up on any new tours or other exciting developments!

See below for where we are headed in 2021 - click on the tour title to find out more.
If you would like to look at some of the other tours we can run please click on the charter page.

Northern Tasmania - 14 days: $3640 per person (Launceston return)
Wednesday 10th February to Tuesday 23rd February 2021

Coongie Lakes & Cooper Creek -12 days: $3120 per person (Adelaide to Adelaide)
Monday 12th April - Friday 23rd April 2021
spaces on tours? Call us on 08 8369 1779 to find out!
Lawn Hill & Carnarvon Gorge - 18 days: $4680 per person (Adelaide to Brisbane)
Wednesday 5th May - Saturday 22 May 2021
spaces on tours? Call us on 08 8369 1779 to find out!
Kimberley - 21 days: $5625 per person (Alice Springs to Darwin)
Sunday 6th June - Saturday 26th June 2021
Kakadu & Coburg Peninsula - 11 days: $2850 per person (Darwin to Darwin)
Monday 5th July to Thursday 15th July 2021
Pilbara- 21 days: $5625 per person (Perth to Perth)
Saturday 4th September to Friday 24th September 2021
SWWA & Nullarbor - 18 days: $4680 per person (Perth to Adelaide)
Tuesday 5th October to Friday 22nd October 2021
Great Outback Stations* -16 days: $4750 per person (Adelaide to Adelaide)
Tuesday 9th November - Wednesday 24th November 2021
spaces on tours? Call us on 08 8369 1779 to find out!
spaces on tours? Call us on 08 8369 1779 to find out!
* Accomodated Tour ( Twin Share)
* Prices subject to change without notice.

N.B. All prices are per person in Australian dollars and subject to change without notice.

Still want to get away this year?

Please contact us to find out which tours still have vacancies.

Club member discounts and special charter rates
If your social group or club are interested in getting away together, contact us as soon as possible so we can starting working on an itinerary and dates for you. We work at least 12 months ahead when planning the tour schedule, so it's worth calling now on 08 8369 1779 so your members don't miss out or send us your details via our Booking/Enquiry form
. A little more info can be found here on our Charters page.

Mailing list
If you want to go on our mailing list just email us or call Ian for a brochure: 08 8369 1779.

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