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Our new program for 2015 is here. Here's where Exploranges went travelling in 2014.
If you have ideas on where we might head in the future please get in touch.

Click on the links below to find out more information, otherwise email us or call 08 8369 1779.

Vic Alps & Grampians - 11 days: $2700 per person (Melbourne return)
Tuesday 4 March to Friday 14 March 2014

Lawn Hill & Carnarvon Gorge - 21 days: $5355 per person (Adelaide return)
Tuesday 6 May to Monday 26 May 2014

Kimberley - 21 days: $5355 per person (Alice Springs return)
Friday 13 June to Thursday 3 July 2014
Lake Eyre & East McDonnell Ranges - 12 days: $2950 per person (Adelaide to Alice Springs)
Tuesday 29 July to Saturday 9 August 2014
Flinders Ranges - 11 days: $2805 per person (Adelaide return)
Wednesday 26 August to Friday 5 September 2014

Cambodia - 10 days: $2500 per person (plus airfares)
Wednesday 10 September to Friday 19 September 2014
Gawler Ranges - 11 days: $2805 per person (Adelaide return)
Tuesday 14 October to Friday 24 October 2014
Hong Kong - 13 days: $3570 per person (plus airfares)
Monday 10 November to Saturday 22 November 2014
Southern Tasmania - 12 days: $3200 per person (Hobart return)
Wednesday 12 November to Sunday 23 November 2014


N.B. All prices are per person in Australian dollars and subject to change without notice.

Feedback helps our program...

If there is somewhere that you would love to travel to but we haven't listed it here, please email us as it always helps to know where you'd like to go. And you're not alone. There are sure to be others with the same dream in mind. Before you know it you've scheduled a new tour for a future season! If you have feedback on tours you've been on then please let us know.

Club member discounts and special charter rates
If your social group or club are interested in getting away together, contact us as soon as possible so we can starting working on an itinerary and dates for you. We work at least 12 months ahead when planning the tour schedule, so it's worth calling now on 08 8369 1779 so your members don't miss out

We have a choice of OKAs available for upwards of 6 passengers - click here for more info
Your group can either charter one of our regular tours and receive substantial discounts,
or talk to us about designing an itinerary and we will provide a quote
based on your group's charter. We also give reduced rates for club members booking on our standard tours, so even if you can't fill a tour with your members, it's always worth chatting with friends and booking as a group of 6 or more to get a good deal

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